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Accounting and Financial Literacy with David Almonte

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David Almonte, a rising star in the accounting and financial literacy space drops by the studio to discuss how students should approach their accounting and financial literacy studies


David Almonte talks about the evolution of the accounting field and how students can prepare to maximize the opportunities in front of them


What You Will Learn in this Interview:

1:54 – Accounting as the language of business and major shifts taking place due to AI, machine learning, and bots

8:20 Challenges implementing new technologies within the accounting space and what proficiencies students should have

16:56 – Electives and programs that complement an accounting major, targeting EQ and human skills

26:06 – Best steps to gain internship and mentorship opportunities along with a personal view from attending community college ahead of a 4 year institution

David Almonte, is a Financial Reporting and Analysis Manager at Rhode Island based Amica Mutual Insurance Company.

David is extremely involved in the accounting profession and in giving back to the next generation. Nationally, David is a member of the AICPA’s Financial Literacy Commission where he helped lead a national media tour helping to spread financial literacy to over 12.5 million Americans nationwide. David is a past member of the National AICPA’s NFP/Governmental Training Program Conference Planning Committee and past speaker at the National Conference, a 2014 graduate of the National AICPA Leadership Academy and a 2015 graduate of the RI State Police Citizen’s Academy.

David has been published in the following media outlets (print and hardcopy): The New York Times, CNBC, CNBC + Acorns, AICPA Journal of Accountancy, Kiplinger, Marketwatch.com, AICPA Blogs, Indypendently.com, Chase.com, US World and News Report, Goodcall.com, Quicken.com, Yahoo Finance, Financial Management Magazine, themortgagereportcom.

David has been featured in the following TV and online media: WRAL TV, Experian Twitter Chat (Credit Chat Series), 2018 AICPA Fall Council Opening Video, AICPA “Small Biz Brunch Podcast, AICPA Money Minute Videos (#101 and #201 series), RNN Podcast (Millennials Taking Action)

David has received the following professional awards: GoLocal Prov “18 Who Made a Difference in 2018,” CCRI 2018 Outstanding Alumni – Squire Award, 2019 CPA Practice Advisor 40 under 40 and 2020 RI Inno “Inno on Fire” Award.

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