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Careers in Wealth Management and Financial Planning with Matt Hassett, a Seasoned Financial Advisor and Investment Banker

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Matt Hasset C-level leader and financial planner provides the insights needed to pursue a career in Investment Banking, Financial Planning and Wealth Management.


Jon explains the trends around decarbonization, decentralization and digitalization and where a major in electrical engineering can take you

What You Will Learn in this Interview:

1:23 – How your perception of finance might change as your career advances.

2:49 – Some challenges and opportunities to innovate within Financial Planning, and the importance of understanding that a financial planner is the “first point of contact for a client’s financial health” just like a primary care physician would be for physical health.

6:00 – The stock market is a gift that allows us to invest with confidence.

9:20 – A discussion on the the fundamental skills needed for the Financial Planning and Investment banking space. For example, Corporate Finance is important to understand how companies use money to achieve goals.

13:00 – Experiential learning through resources like Ray Dalio., and an insightful quote from Michael Dell on mapping your path.

17:25 – Matt gives first job advice and reveals a group that trains analysts and help boost your eligibility for entry level positions.

Matt Hassett  served as the Vice President and Financial Advisor at Janney Montgomery Scott LLC and has over a decade of experience serving  individuals and institutional clients with unparalleled investment management and financial planning services. Hassett Wealth Management is a financial planning, and wealth advisory team made up of four seasoned financial professionals at Janney Montgomery Scott LLC. The primary office is in Providence, RI though they work with individual and institutional clients across the US.  Matt served as the Director of Business Development at Mitsui & Co., Ltd with a focus on LNG, ethanol, alternative fuels and water treatment.

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