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Engineering Sciences with a Focus on Augmented Reality and MR with Nick Cherukuri

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Nick Cherukuri shares visionary guidance on studies and career opportunities across engineering sciences with a focus on Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, his main area of expertise


Nick Cherukuri shares visionary guidance on trends, challenges and what students should be doing early on to prepare for engineering positions around AR and MR both in the start-up and corporate communities.

What You Will Learn in this Interview:

2:20 – Incoming and current college students should make note of these rapid movements within the augmented reality and mixed reality space.

5:53 – Drastic change in degree programs, electives and certifications around AR, VR and MR along with other core competence students should be acquiring (ThirdEye is developing a certification course, more details to come)

10:04 – Challenges leading a new business and unique skills needed to thrive while also assessing threats to initial adoption (market adoption and marketing materials)

15:28 – Expectations for students coming in during an internship or succeeding to land an initial job. How to have an impact (ThirdEye is currently hiring and seeking interns)

18:36 – Any other recommendations around mentorship while also looking at differences among public and private sector working conditions

For interested students- they can email hr@thirdeyegen.com or contact us on our website www.thirdeyegen.com

Nick Cherukuri is a Forbes 30 under 30 recipient and one of the leading subject matter experts in Augmented & Mixed Reality with strong expertise in AR/MR, an education in this space, and multiple published patents.  He has strong experience in product development involving research for advanced Augmented Reality systems for the defense and commercial applications.  Outstanding reputation as a technical innovator/leader with strong vision and excellent analytical, problem solving, leadership and business skills; intense commitment to new/emerging technologies and business excellence.  Solid track record creating the vision and roadmap for new technologies, serving as focal point for technical interface with customers, and supporting/leading new business development efforts.  Nick has been the Founder/CEO of ThirdEye since its founding.  He has taken part in many panel talks and speeches nationwide at various trade shows  and other events.

Bachelors Degree, University of Pennsylvania

Cherukuri, N., 2019. “System and Method for Large Data Augmented Reality Applications on Smartglasses.” US Patent (Pub. No.: US 2019/0018505 A1; Pub. Date: Jan. 17, 2019).

Founding member of the UPenn Augmented Reality/Virtual Realty club

Received an Award from the Director of DOD Army, CERDEC for my work and presentation

Developed AR Apps for App stores

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