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Corporate Human Resources in the Film Industry with Ross Pollack

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Follow the journey of Ross Pollack as he became EVP & CHRO at Lionsgate, sharing keen insights on the evolving entertainment space

Entertainment Industry career guidance and path to being a recognized HR Leader with Ross Pollack.

Summary: Ross Pollack is a former Sony Pictures exec who also served as CEO of Hong-Kong based Celestial Pictures. He is currently the EVP & Chief Human Resources Officer at Lionsgate and is an experienced media executive with extensive global expertise in filmed content licensing, digital media creation & exploitation, business development and operations. Ross explores how to navigate the entertainment industry with a focus on corporate growth and development in the field of human resources.

What You Will Learn:

⦁ 1:14 – Starting a business from scratch

⦁ 3:56 – Key to roadmapping your business

⦁ 6:21 – Don’t cave to the naysayers

⦁ 8:32 – Milestones in your business

⦁ 12:25 – Balance righteousness with marketing

⦁ 13:05 – What will the next wave of innovation be

⦁ 15:25 – Skipping traditional education/degrees

⦁ 16:58 – How great corporations maximize talent

⦁ 18:00 – How can companies succeed in multiple verticals

⦁ 19:14 – How to maximize your opportunity in a corporate environment

⦁ 28:30 – Introducing Ross Pollack and evolution of HR at Lionsgate

⦁ 38:30- Lionsgate commitment to diverse talent

⦁ 43:20 – Challenges faced by Entertainment Companies

⦁ 47:05 – Entertainment needs business people, not just actors

⦁ 51:50 – Today, there’s an insatiable need for content

⦁ 54:53 – Lionsgate’s secret sauce

⦁ 58:13- Jason’s background

⦁ 1:16:40 – Impacts of Climate Change

⦁ 1:25:30 – Company Structure

Ross Pollack Executive Profile: 

As Chief Human Resources Officer, Ross oversees all aspects of human resources and administration for Lionsgate’s global operations including its joint ventures. He joined the Company in 2014 and is part of its corporate senior management team and Executive Committee reporting to Lionsgate Chief Executive Officer Jon Feltheimer.

Ross was a key member of the team responsible for the successful acquisition and integration of Starz in December 2016, the largest deal in the Company’s history. He and his Human Resources team have developed and expanded the Company’s employee diversity initiatives, revamped its total reward programs, and launched a series of successful health and wellness offerings to enhance employee well-being and productivity. Ross serves as the Company’s Executive Sponsor of LG Vets, an Employee Resource Group that focuses on the recruitment of, develops a community for and works on issues associated with veterans, including their families and supporters.

Ross has been a leading human resources, licensing and operations executive in the entertainment industry in the U.S. and internationally for more than 20 years. Between 2009 and 2012, he helped turn around Hong Kong-based Celestial Pictures Limited as its CEO, restructuring the company’s operations, expanding its content distribution networks and achieving profitability. He was instrumental in orchestrating Celestial’s channels merger with Lionsgate, Saban Capital and Tigergate that formed the Celestial Tiger Entertainment platform in 2011.

Ross previously spent 13 years with Sony Pictures Entertainment as a human resources and licensing executive, including six years in Hong Kong.  As Senior Vice President, Distribution—Asia from 2003 – 2009, Ross successfully repositioned Sony Pictures Television International as the “Asian Hollywood Studio” which included launching & staffing three international TV licensing offices (i.e., in Mumbai, Singapore & Seoul) leading to five consecutive years of record revenue and three straight years of record studio market share. Ross joined Sony Pictures as Vice President, Total Rewards, in 1996 and was named Vice President of International HR and Operations in 1998.


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