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Jarbly University Guest Consent

Please follow the material below and we would love your participation in our platform Jarbly University in which you can benefit substantially.

Thank you for Being on Our Show, Made for the Moment in Conjunction with Jarbly University

Terms of Use Regarding Made for the Moment and Jarbly University

First and foremost, we are beyond grateful to have/had you as a contributor and special guest on our Made for the Moment platform, a core component of our newly established Jarbly University. We created this platform to play a vital role in the rapid digital transformation, aiming to further enlighten students on topics such as Entrepreneurship, Corporate Strategy, Branding, Influencer Marketing, Cybersecurity, Anti-corruption and much more. 

We could not achieve our ambitions without you, hence why we have created this consent form to confirm your willingness to be part of our social content, accompanying us on this journey to provide a digital “A-team” of thought leadership and mentorship, fostering our student ecosystem to enhance their practical knowledge and jumpstart the next phase of their lives.

By participating in Jarbly University, you provide us with the permission to repurpose the content we recorded to fit the Jarbly University platform and initiative in which universities and students will be able to listen to your material. The repurposing of this content may result in profit for Jarbly LLC, but will also provide valuable monetization offers for you including guest speaking appearances, mentorship, and quality access to interns and world-class talent from some of the top universities who may prioritize you, your company over others. We are also developing proprietary systems to provide our guests with revenue generating opportunities and the ability for universities to be able to have their students connect with you for a fee.

As a member of our Jarbly University family we will be updating you regularly as our business evolves, aiming to provide revenue sharing opportunities via add on discussions, live Q&A sessions, and the option to serve as a mentor for one of the higher educational institutions that we serve.

 Lastly, we will be sharing an edited audio file and associated imagery from our session together which you can use freely throughout your personal and professional social media channels at your convenience. Should you have further questions or requests as it relates to your digital content or items displayed within Jarbly University please reach out directly to our Digital Marketing Manager – Katie Gauthier (Katie@Jarbly.com)

Thanks and have a wonderful week ahead.

Please kindly submit your name and email to agree to the terms and participate in the repurposing of the content to be involved with our Jarbly University platform and the aforementioned benefits. Thank you so much for being a part of our platform.