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Career Evolution in Marketing, the Many Different Paths to Becoming a CMO

Chief Marketing Officer of Stojo, Rico Macaraeg, discusses how your persuasive personality may be an indicator that marketing is the right career path for you. This session with Rico will help students understand what it takes to become a successful CMO, how reposition brands at a corporate level and the best ways to connect with each unique customer. Additionally, during cultural moments, the strongest brands will not be driven by customer perceptions, but by the key pillars of the brand.

Background: Influencer Marketing, Digitization, and Communication Programming

Building digital influence, social marketing strategies and innovative communications programming is proving more vital with each passing month. Corey Martin shares  20+ years of integrated media experience and a strong foundation in public relations that evolved into thought leadership around both paid and earned influencer strategies, influencer-led public relations, corporate communications, i-commerce (influencer commerce), social-proof marketing, content marketing and creative custom content programming.