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High Performing, Green Field Innovation within an Organization – Semiconductor Space

This discussion is ideal if you are interested in a career in strategic management, greenfield innovation within a large company and especially for those of you who want careers in ICT or the semiconductor space. There is no one better than Sunit Rikhi, a 30 year career veteran of Intel who started the Intel Custom Foundry BUsiness from scratch in 2008, starting a major movement in custom silicon manufacturing services to fabless design companies.


Career Evolution in Marketing, the Many Different Paths to Becoming a CMO

Chief Marketing Officer of Stojo, Rico Macaraeg, discusses how your persuasive personality may be an indicator that marketing is the right career path for you. This session with Rico will help students understand what it takes to become a successful CMO, how reposition brands at a corporate level and the best ways to connect with each unique customer. Additionally, during cultural moments, the strongest brands will not be driven by customer perceptions, but by the key pillars of the brand.

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Career Paths

Careers in ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and Corporate Social Responsibility are becoming increasingly visible, serving major purposes across the public and private sector. Harun Asad shares feedback based on decades of experience teaching and pioneering many of these core principles including sustainability, strategy, stakeholder engagement, and reporting along with how to get a head start during your educational journey.