Working within India and Future Global Implications

Summary: With a population of 1.3 billion, the U.S. and India continue to forge a strong alliance, rapidly evolving across sectors. Maya Sinha shares her three plus decades of experience on the importance of international relations and how to engage when working with counterparts in India, especially given the growing number of executives of Indian origin and multinationals that have a presence throughout the country’s 27 states. As a female executive and major advocate of women, Maya’s story, coming up through the ranks as a former Indian Revenue Service officer to becoming Director for one of the largest Indian ports and now sitting on numerous boards, including Tata Boeing Aerospace Ltd. is a must listen to for those thinking about careers in international relations, working with an Indian entity or a study abroad in India.

Executive Profile: Maya Sinha

Maya Sinha embodies the very spirit of Emerging India – dynamic and resilient, with a can-do attitude. She’s built around her an organisation that lives, breathes, and dreams her vision to add quality to the lives of Indians, by empowering them with skills.

What You Will Learn in this Interview:

10:10 – Experience growing up in India and the competitive nature of the educational system in India

16:00 – India’s growth post-independence and the evolution of the Government, funding mechanisms and how to source appropriate monies for your business.

22:00 – Almost three decades experience within the Tax Department as an IRS Officer in India (Income tax global comparisons, challenges and evolution)

31:10 – Historical look at public private partnerships to enhance global infrastructure projects (best practice sharing)

41:50 – Shifting to being an entrepreneur and an overview of the start-up hub eco-system in India (focus on Rural Entrepreneurship)

45:00 – Unique perspective, most venture capital is focused in a few states, need to look further towards other locations

49:40 – Serving on Boards at any age and effective time management

53:50 – Qualities of a good leader

54:40 – Advice to young women around the world looking to have a similar career path (the role social setups play towards the career success of a woman: Western vs. Asian counterparts)

Jason Dodier & Jaret Grossman
Maya Sinha
Serves on Several Company Boards
India, US, Economy, Taxes, Boards
75 Minutes