Career Evolution in Marketing, the Many Different Paths to Becoming a CMO


 Chief Marketing Officer of Stojo, Rico Macaraeg, discusses how your persuasive personality may be an indicator that marketing is the right career path for you. This session with Rico will help students understand what it takes to become a successful CMO and manage a successful brand with a strong foundation. Additionally, Rico details what it was like for him to reposition brands at a corporate level at Lord & Taylor and the best ways to connect with each unique customer at Stojo.  A major theme of this session is pivoting to cater to cultural moments such as Black Lives Matter and Covid-19. During these moments, the strongest brands will not be driven by customer perceptions, but by the key pillars of the brand.

Rico Macaraeg Executive Profile: 

A customer-focused marketing leader with 17 years of leadership and management experience. A change agent focused on making a difference in paid media (digital + traditional), Integrated Marketing, Experience Marketing, Brand Strategy, CRM (acquisition + retention) and Retail/field marketing to build brand ambassadors, fans, and drive company revenue and growth. Rico has served as CMO of Lord & Taylor, Head of Brand & Experience for Lamborghini, and is currently the CMO at Stojo.

What You Will Learn in this Interview:

2:10- Staying True to Core Branding while Pivoting in Times of Crisis

6:30- Personal Brand and How to Communicate it to Others

9:00 – Advice for a Successful Career in Marketing (Soft Skills are the Hardest Skills to Master)

14:00- Strategies for a CMO- Listening to the Customer is Key

15:25 – Real Life Example of Listening to Customers at Start-Up Stojo

19:46 – In Cultural Moments, Successful Brands Pivot and use their Platform to “Open Their Hearts” to Customers

23:08 – Franchise Hub and Spoke Model Marketing and Communication

28:39 – Understanding Emotional Connection to a Product as a Brand Leader

32:55 – Rico Macaraeg’s Experience Transitioning Lord & Taylor’s Brand

37:20 – The Responsibilities of Repositioning a Brand as a CMO – 3 Strategic Priorities

42:05 – Advice for Brands to Amplify Systems and Tools to Build Relationship with Customers

47:39 – Connecting with Rico Macaraeg for Conversations and Networking on LinkedIn

Jason & Jaret
Rico Macaraeg
Marketing Executive
Study path to focus on Careers in marketing and path to becoming a CMO
30 minutes