Career Transformation (ft. Kumud Srinivasn, Intel)

Career Transformation, innovation and new ways of competing in the new normal, post covid-19 environment with executive Kumud Srinivasn

Summary: Corporate executive and mentor explains the importance of starting with why in your major selection, and additional resources you should be leveraging for help and to create a support network that will lead to the career path you most desire. You will also gain the perspective of what important factors are considered in the hiring process both as a new hire and as it relates to getting promoted. 

Executive Profile: 

Kumud Srinivasan is vice president of the Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group and Director of NSG Manufacturing & Automation Systems. In this capacity, she is responsible for the automation of Intel’s memory factories in China.

 Previously, she was vice president, Sales & Marketing Group, and President of Intel India. She was responsible for general management of Intel’s operations in India, leading cross functional organizations of ~7000 employees, to ensure high quality site operations, R&D and business growth. She engaged with government, education & industry in several different capacities.

What You Will Learn in this Interview:

2:12 – Embarking on corporate careers, key elements that can help shape your career and seamlessly transition into new roles with growing levels of responsibility (what is your why?)

9:30 – Given the job-hopping mindset of many college graduates and millennials, how can one maximize potential if you aim to grow in one corporation? What are the associated benefits that can come from staying the course with an organization? (Optics from a corporate leadership perspective)

14:10 – What about the Intel culture stood out and continues to keep you excited after more than 3 decades at the company. How is Intel pivoting during the Covid-19 era?

18:15 – Core technologies to build on existing digital foundation of corporations and employee development. What are the key skills graduates should possess to be part of this rapidly transcending and dynamic business sector (big picture during these uncertain times)

23:22 – Explore the rapid shift in educational content to support impact to top and bottom line of a company. What should be the intrinsic strategy for aspiring young leaders during the hiring process whether they are coming out of college, switching companies, or looking for internships. (energy, values, and urgency to make change are very important characteristics)

28:30 – Staying ahead of the curve, what should your mindset be as we continue to work in this difficult new normal environment (value of continuous learning, go broader in your studies and set stretch goals)

Jason Dodier & Jaret Grossman
Kumud Srinivasan
Career Transformation, Corporate Growth Trajectory
Global Corporate Executive
30 Minutes