Cybersecurity Studies and Career Preparation


How to best prepare for a career working in Cybersecurity. Kathie Miley reviews some of the skills, certifications, and degree programs you should be considering today.

Kathie Miley Executive Profile: 

Kathie Miley has 25 years of experience in the information technology and security field and is currently serving as CXO at the Cybersecurity collaborative, prior she was Chief Operating Officer and acting Chief Information Security Officer at Cybrary.

What You Will Learn in this Interview:

:58 – Discussion of the current global and North America Cybersecurity job landscape with over 3,000,000 opportunities, 450k of which are here in the U.S.

5:42 – Core skill sets, courses and experiences high school and prospective college students can take to develop during their school experience to prepare for roles working in Cybersecurity.

12:50 – Colleges, associations, and certifications to support Cybersecurity learnings (CompTIA, ISACA, CISSP)

16:36 – Studies recap and what companies/Start-ups should students be following. Kathie provides a few examples.

25:15 – Other job titles and roles that students should be taking note of (

Jason & Jaret
Kathie Miley
Cybersecurity expert
Study path to focus on Cybersecurity careers
30 minutes