Career Paths in the Public Sector and Government Relations (Info)

Government has the potential to solve tough problems at scale, but many of the strategies we use look the same as they did 30 years ago. We can’t expect to change outcomes without bringing a new suite of tools to the table. You will see how to help be part of the solution in high-impact roles in state governments across the country with the ability to transform the systems that we interact with on a daily basis

Octavia Abell Executive Profile:

Octavia has been active in public service since graduating with a BA in Political Economy and International Development from Tulane University. Prior to launching GfA, Octavia served as the Director of Strategy for the Rhode Island Office of Innovation where she lead efforts to build government effectiveness and catalyze innovation across RI. Her successes include: crafting the CS4RI initiative to bring computer science education to every K-12 public school in RI, spearheading a redesign of the state’s digital presence, and launching the Government Innovation League, a leadership development program for Rhode Island state employees. Octavia also served on Governor Gina Raimondo’s policy team and former U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu’s fundraising team. She believes strongly that individuals can be powerful change agents, and is committed to connecting people with the resources necessary to scale impactful work.

What You Will Learn in this Interview:

1:40 – Covid-19 demonstrating why we need effective leadership and diverse perspective in Government (Millennial leader perspective)

4:00 – U.S. Government leaders that have stood out in their responses to Covid-19, leading constituents (model impacts/contact tracing/support for individuals and businesses)

6:03 – Role of public private partnerships, how to get students involved to support crippling infrastructure, state/federal operations, and needed investment in the U.S. (grid, waste water, other civil works etc.)

8:50 – Impact on recent and upcoming College graduates in gender equality opportunities (explore across generations)

15:01 – Govern for America, process for recruitment and training to prepare for job opportunities in the public sector (we need the next generation to step up!)

20:20 – Forbes 30 under 30 recipient, entrepreneurial mindset and what it took to achieve current successes (Co-Founder & CEO Govern for America, launched a new state agency in Rhode Island, office of Innovation)

29:30 – Driving broad change across the country, looking at racial discrimination and the expectations/ role of Government

Jason Dodier & Jaret Grossman
Octavia Abell
Govern for America, Forbes 30 Under 30
Government, Solutions, Political Systems
45 Minutes