The Game of Social Media Influence (ft. Open Influence & Talent Village)

The Game of Influence; building corporate and individual brands with riveting content to enhance image and drive monetization with Eric Dahan and Jeff Weber

Summary: Our industry leaders, Eric Dahan and Jeff Weber discuss how careers in social media, advertising, and influencer marketing is constantly evolving and how you can play a vital role either from the perspective of a corporation or simply to build your personal brand as an influencer.

(This show was pre-recorded so forgive any factual references that were disclosed before today’s date. Thank you.)

 Eric Dahan Executive Profile: 

Eric Dahan is co-founder and chief executive officer of Open Influence, where he oversees the strategic vision and growth of the company. With a background in business and economics, Dahan brings a rich understanding of mathematics, game theory and social sciences to his role and was recognized on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in 2017 as well as Inc.’s 30 Under 30 list in 2016. Prior to co-founding Open Influence, Dahan founded Splurge, a mobile app that combines social curation and e-commerce by aggregating online flash-sales from a variety of retailers. He also served as chief executive officer and managing partner for the company. Before Splurge, Dahan got his start in digital at HauteLook, a member-only online marketplace offering flash-sales and limited-time sales events that was acquired by Nordstrom in 2011. Dahan earned his bachelor’s degree in international business from Pepperdine University.

Jeff Weber executive profile: 

As a dedicated sales leader for the past 15 years, Jeff has launched two successful technology companies and empowered many Fortune 500 brands to make better decisions and deliver differentiated marketing campaigns that drive results. With this valuable experience in hand, Jeff currently concentrates his efforts on promoting best practices to revolutionize the ways in which brands approach content in the new digital age.

As the US Managing Director of Talent Village, Jeff is responsible for the delivery of best in class creatives & rich insights to his clients across multiple industries.  He works with brands and agencies to better engage consumers with consistency, credibility, and authenticity by working hand in hand with leading talent agencies and professional experts.  

What You Will Learn in this Interview:

2:15 – Influencer Marketing Bolsters your Brand and your Career

5:29 – Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

10:11 – When will Digital Marketing Dominate all Industries? 

17:06 – Eric Dahan Discovers Influencer Marketing 

22:32- Multi-Channel Networks are Agencies

25:52 – Attention is Currency

33:13 – Content Creators are Entrepreneurs

38:03 – Tips: Passion & Expertise

48:25 – Jack Ryan: The Creative Edge is the X-Factor

54:14 – The lines Between the Physical and Digital world are Blurring 

1:09:53- Brands Should Invest in Marketing During a Recession

1:14:56- The Beginning of Expertise or “Influence” Marketing

1:18:58 – Content Credibility- Stop Measuring Reach!

1:23:25 – Entertainment Based Content Strategy 

1:27:40 – How to Attract Partnerships with a Brand

1:32:00- How to Follow Influence Marketing Expert Jeff Weber

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Eric Dahan & Jeff Weber
Social Media, Instagram, Marketing, Branding, Influencers, Business
CEO of OpenInfluence, Marketing Manager of Talent Village
90 Minutes