France’s Evolving Healthcare & Technology (ft. Didier Tranchier)

Summary: Interested in building your own business, working across borders, and solving complex problems, then listening in to Didier Tranchier is something we highly recommend. Entrepreneurs are people who when there is a time of crisis will begin to start a new world and that is the essence of this discussion. Not only has he helped spearhead Coalition Covid in France, but he will walk you through the roles you can play in accelerating the digital transformation, regardless of the vertical you end up working in.

Executive Profile: Didier Tranchier 

Entrepreneur, innovation professor, and investor, Didier is passionate about serendipity and the digital revolution (one of the most sought after advisors in Europe), an entrepreneur who founded many companies and has invested in more than 40 digital startups. In addition, he has experience working in more than 50 countries along with work he has done for the European Commission as a business coach for the Horizon 2020 EIC program (more to come on this later). He his also a professor teaching digital economy, digital strategy, digital technology innovation and of course entrepreneurship,

What You Will Learn in this Interview:

3:08 – Quick look at the U.S. healthcare system

7:54 – Work in France around coalition Covid and the acceleration of digital innovation

10:54 – Areas within Europe for collaboration within the pharmaceutical space

13:12 – Glocal mentality, danger and opportunity in the current global business environment as an investor and entrepreneur

15:04 – US vs. French Healthcare system major differences (digital pharma lab launch)

21:40 – Technologies that will be introduced in healthcare to help lower costs and core attributes in founders/startups that are achieving success

28:40 – Station F, major start-up incubator in Paris, appetite around fundraising in Europe as a major investor and advisor

35:50 – What does it take to build a successful accelerator with direct learnings from the pharma tech example

40:50 – Having success with the covid-19 digital transformation, trials and tribulations in the process

46:40 – Areas that U.S. and France can work more closely to further strengthen collaboration, in particular the VC/start-up ecosystem.


Jason Dodier & Jaret Grossman
Didier Tranchier
Founder of Digital Pharma Lab
France, Healthcare
60 Minutes