High Performing, Green Field Innovation within an Organization – Semiconductor Space


This discussion is ideal if you are interested in a career in strategic management, greenfield innovation within a large company and especially for those of you who want careers in ICT or the semiconductor space. There is no one better than Sunit Rikhi, a 30 year career veteran of Intel who started the Intel Custom Foundry BUsiness from scratch in 2008, starting a major movement in custom silicon manufacturing services to fabless design companies.

Sunit Rikhi Executive Profile: 

Sunit Rikhi is a semiconductor industry executive with over thirty five years of experience. In May 2015, Sunit retired from a 30 year career with Intel as Vice President and General Manager of Intel Custom Foundry.  He started this business unit from scratch in 2008 to provide leading edge custom silicon manufacturing services to fabless design companies. At the time he left Intel, the business was on a path to ramping volume to over a billion dollars of revenue run rate. The business had over a thousand engineers spread across the globe and more than ten customers in the USA and Asia.

What You Will Learn:

1:50 – What it takes to create a green innovative business within a large corporate environment (Intel Custom Foundries case study and brief history of the semiconductor space for our students studying this field)

7:22 – Starting a foundry and items to be accounted for when working within day to day operations of an internal start-up (capital intensity, management flow, and expectations to make this work)

15:18 – Challenges that could be faced leading and working within a corporate innovation culture, especially when making a strong shift to services vs. just hardware business (customer acquisition, business model, intellectual property)

26:40 – What frameworks and models should students be focusing on during their studies to prepare themselves to be successful during the variety of challenging situations we have been discussing (authenticity and genuine curiosity to learn how to be better). Futuristic trends given recent changes in the semiconductor space.

32:22 – U.S. Government stance on China and pressure to get manufacturing back to U.S. in the semiconductor industry (momentum of the foundry services model and strategic alliances)

39:58 – Closing remarks and reflections for students as they think about either a career in the Semiconductor industry or other vertical (the world is traveling at rapid speeds, ideal time to be a student as the potential is tremendous)

Jason & Jaret
Sunit Rikhi
Semiconductor industry executive, Board Member, Entrepreneur
Semiconductors/Green-Field Innovation
30 minutes