Handling Crisis in PR (ft. Herald PR, Harvey Weinstein’s PR Firm)

With over 30 years working in public affairs and crisis communication, most recently as the Crisis PR manager for Harvey Weinstein, Juda Engelmayer provides an exclusive look into what it takes to be an effective communicator, especially when the message may be unpopular or counter to what the masses believe. We will explore career evolution, what it takes to reshape the image of an individual client or company, and the trust dynamic which is the cornerstone of and first rule of thumb in public relations

Executive Profile: 

Juda S. Engelmayer is a public relations and crisis communications professional.  He had been a Senior Vice President & Group Director overseeing the corporate, crisis and advocacy groups at one of the nations top public relations firms since 2006.

Juda’s experience in media, communications, crisis communications, and public affairs are put to work every day. He oversees a host of corporate, political, advocacy and policy groups and individuals in national and international arenas. He handles public campaigning for clients, direct advocacy and positioning, and a team handling issues of current public debate, as well as issue oriented corporate, financial, and philanthropy related matters.

What You Will Learn in this Interview:

2:15 – Intro to bad publicity and its implications

8:10 – How did you get your start and become the guy many high profile individuals go to in an effort to rehabilitate and modify their image

13:38 – Overview of PR roles and Crisis management experience

15:46  – Case studies and insights to be effective in crisis management (trust is absolutely vital – across media and stakeholders)

23:15 – Delivering the truth when it is uncomfortable (Be Genuine!)

27:12 – How do you articulate/ paint image to the media when one of your clients is convicted (Harvey Weinstein case)

40:10  –   Rehabilitation, how to make things right and the path to getting there (plea deal insights)

46:24 – Public Relations Toolkit, how to form connections and bridge gaps

· 52:50 – Deliver clients what they need, becoming invaluable (be firm, focused, and have a backbone)

Jason Dodier & Jaret Grossman
Juda Engelmayer
30 Years of PR Experience
PR, Communication
450,000 m2