Real Estate & the Coronavirus Impact (ft. Trend Realty)

A Real Estate Career comes with many ups and downs, providing a service that is highly coveted for many Americans. Join Joshua Blank to see if this career path could be ideal for you!

Joshua Blank, owner of Trend Realty, a Sarasota, FL brokerage that offers 100% commission to its agents has started a unique trend in the real estate industry. Josh will share his experience not only as an experienced agent and owner but also as an investor who has first hand experience navigating some of the most difficult periods in the country from the financial crisis to the current coronavirus pandemic, providing an unprecedented chain of events that have unfolded over the past few months. 

Joshua Blank Executive Profile: 

Joshua Blank a veteran real estate investor and owner of Trend Realty (Sarasota, FL) who provides valuable guidance and insights into the economy, drawing on his first hand experience from 2000 and 2008. 

What You Will Learn:

4:51- The reality of the Coronavirus situation

7:32 – Make the most of it at home

9:20 – Health and wellness at home

12:31 – Introducing Joshua Blank

14:14- Guest Joshua Blank discusses his background

16:22- Lessons learned from economic crisis  

32:02 – Government, Banks and Debt

50:50 – How to attract leads in realty 

56:27 – Advice from Joshua Blank

58:48 – Online WFH tools to stay productive

1:01:57- Alternative Job Opportunities

1:04:22 -Post- Covid

1:11:59- Government Economic Assistance

1:16:27 – What should we do with our money?

1:24:00 – Investing Advice from Jaret

1:27:00 – Wrap up and sneak peak of the next episode


Jason & Jaret
Joshua Blank
Owner of Trend Realty
Real Estate Industry, Market Valuations, Residential, Commercial
60 Minutes