Strategically Using Celebrity Endorsements (ft. Nati Celebs)

How the “King of Contacts”, Domenick Nati used a unique philosophy and unwavering persistence to build his personal brand and grow his talent portfolio.

Summary: If you have an interest working in film or being a publicist for a celebrity, product or company, then Domenick Nati is sure to provide you with some invaluable tips and insights. Listen to learn more about some of his methods that led to gaining clients, managing difficult, highly public client relationships and cracking into the filmography space.

Executive Profile Domenick Nati 

Known as “The King of Contacts”, Domenick Nati has held successful careers in television/film production, public relations, and mainstream radio. His movie and TV credits include Talladega Nights, Boo! A Madea Halloween, Deal or No Deal, Hell’s Kitchen, Making the Band, So You Think You Can Dance, and many more.

What You Will Learn in this Interview:

1:45 – What should businesses think about when considering leveraging public figures for endorsements

6:30 – Hundreds of celebrity interviews and over 800 PR campaigns, philosophy on how to grow a following for your clients and working within controversial environments

9:52 – Client representation, how to get past gatekeepers to build relationships (volume of activity principle)

13:30 – When you bring on a client what kind of publicity are you looking to achieve, how do you cut through the noise (personal example with Rap artist DMX)

18:40 – Easiest types of celebrity to work with (relationship building and compatibility)? Crossing paths with Shaquille O’Neal

28:46 –   Managing complex clients and dealing with aftermath of a bad PR situation (assess, prepare, and evaluate)

37:30 – Process for making an appearance in a feature film, how to get your start (faced a ton of rejection before appearing in Talladega Nights, always fear regret more than rejection)

Jason Dodier & Jaret Grossman
Domenick Nati
Founder of NATI Celebs
Celebrity Endorsement, Marketing, PR, Networking
45 Minutes