Strengthening Mental Health

Wayne Grover discusses how to deal with Anxiety and Depression, across all stages of your educational journey and subsequent career, especially during Covid-19.


“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Loneliness is an epidemic that is affecting the entire globe. Prior to the current crisis we all are experiencing, in the U.S. alone nearly half of all Americans say they are lonely. There is no doubt loneliness is on the rise and it affects people of all ages, hence why it is imperative that you take the time to absorb what inspired Wayne to start a movement and incorporate some of these practices in your daily life, it may even lead you down a career path where you can have an out-sized impact!


Wayne Grover Executive Profile: 

Wayne is the founder of You Are Not Alone Gifts / YANA Gifts and the YANA Foundation (  YANA is a growing, socially mission driven start-up company based in Newport, Rhode Island created around the premise that four words – “You Are Not Alone”– have the power to change someone’s life…and yours. 

Prior to YANA Gifts, Wayne was a Partner at Downtown Associates, a hedge fund specializing in concentrated portfolios of small cap equities.  While a Partner, Wayne was also the Director of Marketing and Investor Relations for over a decade and was directly responsible for raising more than $600 million from family offices, institutional investors and endowments which included Yale University, Princeton University, M.I.T and Stanford University.


Previous work experience included working for Merrill Lynch in their Chicago office as Vice President for Institutional Equity Sales.  He also worked for seven years with Lehman Brothers:  three years in Chicago as an institutional equity salesperson and an institutional municipal bond salesperson and four years at their New York Global Headquarters as a municipal bond trading assistant and an associate trader for government bonds.

What You Will Learn in this Interview:

1:58 – Easing Financial Stress

9: 20 – Depression and Loneliness

11:25 – Healthy Routines at home

18:50 – Layoffs and Furloughs

26:55 – Introducing Wayne Grover

28:14 – Wayne discusses his business background

29:33 – YANA -Wayne’s Rebound

38:15 – True Story from Wayne

45:24 -Today, isolation is causing loneliness

55:06 – Moving beyond ideological differences

59:45- Wayne Grover’s closing statement

1:03:20 – The current job market

1:06:20- Dealing with unemployment


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Wayne Grover
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Strong Mental Health
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