Background: Influencer Marketing, Digitization, and Communication Programming

Corey Martin Executive Profile: 

Corey brings over 20 years of consumer integrated marketing and digital brand building experience to his role as President, EWG Digital. In this capacity, he provides strategic guidance for commercial digital, content and influencer media strategies including content planning, creative development and talent-driven activations for clients that work with the world’s foremost talent media company. At EWG, he is pioneering the means to turn influencer marketing into performance media via strategic partners and digital innovation. With a powerful foundation in integrated media and public relations he regularly brings an evolved perspective on integrated influencer campaigns to his clients connecting both paid and earned tactics, including influencer-led public relations, corporate communications, i-commerce (influencer commerce), social-proof advertising, content marketing and custom affiliate programming.

1:25 – Creation of new divisions at Elite Model world providing in house digital content and influencer marketing services (turning influencers into performance media)

5:45 – What are brands asking for, especially as it relates to measurement of metrics and understanding ROI (return on investment) which changes based on trajectory of Influencer Commerce

9:07 – Strategy of brands to develop a talent strategy, understanding the audience demographics is critical (drives return on ad spend)

10:30 – Authenticity helps brand partnerships over the long term, more on brand advocacy, recruitment, and affiliate network

11:32 – Affiliate marketing, how should brands leverage this space and how do influencers tie into this system  (recruiting in a network of micro-influencers that already have brand affinity)

13:50 – Engagement is the best indicator of potential conversion, making predictions around where this space will evolve over the coming years

16:45 – Significant growth in screen time/usage during covid, especially on TikTok. What are your thoughts and what does the future hold for TikTok and other similar platforms (content creation)

19:52 – Covid-19 impact on the advertising space and changes in consumer behavior on consumption of content

24:20 – Purpose driven marketing, finding the right talent from a values perspective

25:00 – Talent cultivation process and what brands are looking for

27:50 – Brick and Mortar crisis, how will luxury brands pivot (when does a brand know if a model is working or not

Guest Host Jeff Weber of Talent Village
Elite Model Management
Social Media, Influence, Marketing, Branding, Modeling, Management,
45 Minutes