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Pre-Med and the Road to a Residency Spot with Dr. Sachin Nagrani

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Dr. Sachin Nagrani discusses that path from Pre-Med through residency and where the biggest areas of opportunity are for students today.


How to best prepare for a career working in the medical profession. In this episode, Dr. Sachin Nagrani reveals the abundance of opportunities in the healthcare space and what the best steps are to push the thresholds of your studies and critical thinking skills.

What You Will Learn in this Interview:

1:40 – Educational journey as a double major (biochemistry and economics) and the importance of electives

7:52 – Visibility into Pre-Med and residency spots, incredible amount of opportunities and careers within the realm of healthcare that do not track through medical school

15:22 – Focus for undergrad students to complement their studies once they have decided to continue on to medical school (aim to be well rounded)

19:00 – Skills development with a focus on innovation in the healthcare space for new generation of leaders (alternative models of care expanded thanks to Covid-19 pandemic)

23:56 – Internships, research and other encounters that students can have to further understand various complexities around medical studies and subsequent career path

Dr. Nagrani is a health care leader with experience in technology solutions to improve care quality, streamline healthcare operations, and enhance patient experiences. He is currently a medical director at Heal which is the market leader in technology-driven doctor house calls..

Dr. Nagrani graduated from the American University of The Caribbean School of Medicine in 2006, specializing in Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine. He also holds a double major in economics and biochemistry from the University of Virginia and an MBA from Georgetown University.

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