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Public Affairs and Journalism with Meaghan Wims

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Meagan Wims, director at Duffy and Shanley outlines her career in journalism and public affairs and gives critical insights into building a similar career.


This episode is key for any learner looking to advance a career in journalism or public relations. Meagan Wims is a Rhode Island industry leader that shares the mindsets, skills and insights needed to get your foot in the door in any career in journalism or public affairs.

What You Will Learn in this Interview:

2:05 – Meagan Wims outlines her personal career story, from a major is Journalism to a career at Duffy and Shanley.

6:30 – Advice from Meagan to the learner: Be a reader.

9:50 – Opportunities to advance your client’s objectives – digital strategies need to work hand in hand with traditional

13:44 – An example of how personalized mail still matters

16:20 – The public and private sectors take lessons from each other

19:40 – The foundational skills needed for the first internship or experience

23:30 – Meagan’s trusted new sources

24:18 – Guidance for students looking to transition to first time jobs

Meaghan Wims is Director of Duffy & Shanley’s Public Affairs Group, where she’s spent the last decade working at the intersection of politics, business and media. Meaghan tackles the region’s thorniest business issues, specializing in the areas of energy and the environment, healthcare, community relations, and business and financial services.

Meaghan provides strategic communications and executive counsel and media relations for Fortune 500 companies such as Dunkin’ and UnitedHealthcare, as well as for emerging brands and Rhode Island companies and campaigns, such as Care New England and Ørsted. Meaghan is routinely recognized as one of New England’s finest PR professionals. Meaghan joined D&S after six years as an award-winning reporter at The Providence Journal and other publications in the region. Meaghan, a Rhode Island native, earned a B.S. in political science and journalism from the University of Rhode Island.

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