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Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility with Harun Asad

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Learn about the entry points to career paths in ESG, CSR, and being a good corporate citizen, aligning with UN Sustainable Development Goals


Careers in ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and Corporate Social Responsibility are becoming increasingly visible, serving major purposes across the public and private sector. Harun Asad shares feedback based on decades of experience teaching and pioneering many of these core principles including sustainability, strategy, stakeholder engagement, and reporting along with how to get a head start during your educational journey.

What You Will Learn in this Interview:

1:17 – Evolution of ESG, CSR, and Sustainability roles across organizations that students could begin to prepare for (this space is growing exponentially in terms of breadth and importance)

4:09 – Specific titles that students should be looking into? What are unique entry points for these roles in a business (Analyst, consultant, data analytics, environmental engineering)

9:10 – Corporate social responsibility, how it relates and differentiates with ESG (environmental social governance) what should students be looking for in their current curriculum and identifying classes and certifications that would be recommended to enhance knowledge base in this field

13:54 – Passing policy, developing high performing teams, and ensuring decisions are made in the best interest of communities and stakeholders all over the world around the UN Sustainable Goals

18:00 – Other learning opportunities and resources for students to get more engaged and network to enhance their knowledge base on the subject matter

Harun Asad Executive Profile: 

Harun Asad a Sustainability leader at one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the United States. In this capacity, Harun is responsible for managing all aspects of Sustainability, including sustainability governance, strategy, stakeholder engagement, and reporting. Con Edison has won numerous Sustainability awards and continues to be on the forefront of emerging trends in Sustainability.Mr. Asad serves as Chair/Advisor for several Sustainability councils and holds an MBA from George Mason University and has completed post-graduate studies in Sustainability at the London Business School and Yale University. He is a competitive tennis player and Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) certified instructor.

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