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Trends and Evolutions of Human Resources Management with Raji Ramanan

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Raji Ramanan goes into detail on the mindsets, skills, and resources to acquire when you're building a successful career in Human Resource Management.


Raji Ramanan, a Global Human Capital Executive discusses the business strategy, key trends and helpful resources needed for a successful career in Human Resource Management.

What You Will Learn in this Interview:

1:40 – It’s all about “having the right person at the right place at the right time.”

3:30 – Raji’s advice is to find out what the industry is expecting from you and remember that those who get hired have the potential to grow with their role.

5:41 – The pros and cons of remote working and how the industry is preparing a work force for remote working.

11:47 – The “gig economy” and how it is affecting each generation.

16:15 – A discussion on the building blocks of an HR foundation and the importance of understanding the history and evolution of HR.

22:40 – Interesting resources and mindsets to help compliment your learning in HR.

25:30 – Boost your eligibility for initial internships and entry level positions by looking at HR trends by each industry.

Raji Ramanan is a well-rounded, strategic Global Human Capital Executive who delivers pragmatic solutions and impactful tool kits in strategy, business transformation, Leadership, Talent Management and Organizational Development. She is part of the LinkedIn community for the purpose of networking and collaborating with individuals to share ideas & expertise

Raji’s progressive career is a result of diverse, multi-faceted and on-the-ground experience in both developing and mature markets. With a track record of being results-oriented and serving with integrity, combined with contemporary experience in various facets of Business , HR, and strategy, she’s had the great privilege of working in a variety of industries and cultural environments across 17 countries and 4 continents which provides her with the authenticity and multi-cultural expertise to guide her global executive MBA program cohort members.


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